this is my exact favorite scene ever of marilyn monroe in any movie ever (i know i know it’s don’t bother to knock again, sue me) i love this moment when she’s putting on that womans makeup and jewlery and clothes and she’s looking into this mirror and you can see her cutting scars and you realize then that therem: something wrong with her character. so also just want to add that i loved this challenge so much because of how much fu it was and because i hot to insta-meet some cool people through it @butterflies1978 @ashdarlina @dancingbroccoli, so thanks @alwaysmarilynmonroe. #lastday #30daymarilynmonroechallenge  (Taken with Instagram)
one montoe movie everyone should see is the misfits because it’s honestly such a good movie and display of marilyn’s talents (and because don’t bother to knock can’t be every answer i give haha) #30daymarilynmonroechallenge  (Taken with Instagram)
i started to truly love marilyn after i read this book (swhy i put it as my favorite marilyn bio [it’s marilyn a life in pictures by diana karanikas harvey])  i found this book in a magazine rack in my house and i decided to read it because i knew i liked her but i never knew much about her. i started to read it and it describes her terbulent childhood, her hunger for fame an never ending courage to keep going for her goals, it went on to describe how she tried so hard to take the critisism and become a better actress, it talks about her struggle with love, and it talks about the end of her life. after i saw that picture 👆 at the end of this book i knew i loved her so much. i love her because i see so much of myself in her. how desperately she sought notoriety thinking it would fill the hole she had inside her from the lack of genuine love. i mean of course i’m not famous or anything but if you were to put a younger me side by side me today you would see what i mean. i feel that she created became marilyn to hide the insecurities norma jean had, & i understand that wholly.  but but everyrhingher addiction with perscription pills really hit home with me too because i have someone very dear to me in my life fighting the same battle. #30daymarilynmonroechallenge (Taken with Instagram)
the first marilyn movie i’d ever seen was the seven yesr itch because it was one of the only ones i’d heard of. #30daymarilynmonroechallenge  (Taken with Instagram)
my favorite line fro one marilyn’s movies is this one from seven year itch because of how seemlessly she pulls it off. not many people with her intelligence could pull of that level of ditz (: plus it’s just plain old funny #30daymarilynmonroechallenge  (Taken with Instagram)
my fave marilyn character is nell forbes in don’tbother to knock. (SHOCKER!) #30daymarilynmonroechallenge  (Taken with Instagram)
marilyn def should’ve gotten an award for her performance in don’t bother to knock. she did phenominal in this movie. i’ve said it a million times and i’ll say it a million more #30daymarilynmonroechallenge  (Taken with Instagram)
i feel really bad that igot so behind, SO MUCH happened this last week i totally forgot. but i’m catching up right now. i picked gentlemen prefer blondes as my favorite marilyn musical performance because i couldn’t pick just one and gpb is my fave mm musical(: #30daymarilynmonroechallenge  (Taken with Instagram)
my favorite song ever sung by marilyn is the bye bye baby number in gentlemen prefer blondes because it’s fun and i love lore lei hahaha #30daymarilynmonroechallenge  (Taken with Instagram)
i wish marilyn had worked with paul newman (to my knowledge they never did andi hope i’m correct haha) because it would’ve been hot.. hahaha i really have no other reasoning besides the fact that paul newman was perfection hahaha #30daymarilynmonroechallenge  (Taken with Instagram)
so i kinda just googled norma jean photos and picked this one because it’s cute. i don’t really have a certain FAVORITE norma jean anything idk i think it’s because norma jean was someone marilyn tried to bury and i have my inner norma that i haven’t really come to terms sith. but maybe one day when i’m older and have grown into my skin a little bit i’ll have more feeling toward the beginings of marilyn’s life. #30daymarilynmonroechallenge  (Taken with Instagram)
my favorite marilyn blog is @alwaysmarilynmonroe ( becuase i’m an ass kiss. no jk. idk i don’t really like other marilyn blogs and this one is informed and right and cool plus this challenge is rad and they made it so, holla at y’all #30daymarilynmonroechallenge  (Taken with Instagram)
my favorite biography about marilyn is Marilyn by Gloria Steinem. i had a teacher who had a copy and let me read it and it is sooo wonderful. she talks about all that was marilyn and could’ve been marilyn. she also does a good job depicting what MADE marilyn. i’ve actually looked for a copy of this book so i can have it but it’s actually a really expensive book but it’s sooo good. #30daymarilynmonroechallenge (Taken with Instagram)
so my least favorite even in marilyn monroe’s life isn’t really a date. it’s a point in time she probaly didn’t even know the exact date of. but it’s the day, the hour, the moment she bacme dependant on perscription drugs. the fact that she found comfort in these pills is a huge part of the reason i love and feel so much for her. i’ve had some personal experiences were i had to see the horrors that some sleeping and perscription drugs can bring to a persons life and i wish so badly i could go back and take them away and stop her from them. but obviously that’s impossible. but um yeah, that’s my least favorite moment of her life #30daymarilynmonroechallenge  (Taken with instagram)
(sorry i got a couple days off) my favorite moment in marilyn’s life was when her first agent, Emmeline Snively, convinced her to bleach her hair blonde by saying “if you ever want to go places, you’ve got to be blonde.” and i loved that because imagine if she hadn’t, who would we be worishiping? #30daymarilynmonroechallenge (Taken with instagram)